Do I need to continue with my current copy process for stations that are not traded through J-ET?

No. The functionality allows you to add Non-JET stations or digital channels to the recipient list for Copy Instructions. You can do this at the point of creating your campaign or at the point of sending the campaign details to creative.

Do I need to do anything once the campaign is sent to the creative?

No, the process is in the hands of the creative but you can check on the copy status via the status report to keep up to date with developments.

How do I know whether the creative/production agency has received my campaign details?

The copy status screen indicates where your campaign is in the copy process. Acknowledgement of the sent campaign details is recorded here.

How does the copy process benefit my company?

Using this process will help to reduce your admin time and copy queries significantly. Copy instruction documents automatically include campaign details and individual stations (rather than groups and combos) as set up and booked by the buying agency. Further, if copy is also being sent to digital platforms, these can be added directly to the instruction form, prior to sending to all that need to know. Also, subscribing agencies have access to an interface which allows for easy campaign management.