Can I have a J-ET login?

To enquire about a J-ET login, please consult your J-ET supervisor.

How does the new copy process benefit my station and advertisers?

Using this process will help your client ads to go out correctly and can reduce your copy queries significantly. Copy instructions will be in a standard PDF format, with clear details referring to individual stations rather than groups and combos.

Can I see which other stations are airing this copy?

Copy Instructions only include details that refer to your own/represented stations. You cannot see details for stations that do not belong to your salespoints portfolio.

How do I amend the dates of a Copy Instruction?

You would need to verify any date changes with the agency that created the campaign.

How do I pick up my audio?

Simply log on to the dedicated interface to download your audio

The creative agency has sent the Copy instruction email to me but my email has crashed and it hasn’t arrived. How do I let them know that I’ve received it?

Don’t worry, you can still acknowledge receipt of the CI via the Copy Status report. Simply log in and click on the copy instruction icon there. It will open up the PDF of the instruction itself and automatically acknowledge receipt at the same time

What do I do when I receive the Copy Instruction email?

Click on the link in the email to confirm reciept. If the attached PDF states the audio has been delivered to stations then log in to the Delivery Point interface and download the audio.

What do the green ‘i’ symbols mean on the CI form?

The green symbols signify that an amendment has taken place between the current and previous CI versions. Further details are summarised at the end of the form.

What happens if I’ve acknowledged receipt of a copy instruction email and then an amendment is sent to me by the creative? Do I have to acknowledge receipt again?

Yes, you do as you were acknowledging receipt for an earlier version. You need to confirm that you’ve accessed the latest version.

What if the copy instructions that I have received include an alert to say that I have a copy length discrepancy?

Ultimately this means the expected Copy length worked on by the creative agency does not match the current booked length in the order in J-ET. This will need rectifying to avoid issues when the campaign goes to air. The easiest way is to use the status report to identify the buying or creative agency contacts that you could to clarify this with.