Are costs sent to the creative agency when I send the campaign details to them?

No, only campaign header info and station lists are sent over to the creative agency. This includes: The campaign title, client/brand, campaign dates, your agency, your name and a station list.

Can duplicate creative contacts exist?

No, the J-ET team is made aware of all new contacts added and will ensure no duplicates exist.

Can I add a new contact to an agency that already has a contact in the system?

Yes the system will allow you to add new contacts regardless of whether another one exists for that agency already.

Can I send a campaign to the creative agency if my colleague created the campaign?

Yes. As long as the campaign was created by your agency and team and hasn’t been locked for editing by the creator, you will be able to send it to a creative agency.

Can I send campaign details to the creative/production before the orders are sent from salespoints?

Yes. Once you have selected and saved the campaign, go to ‘Manage/Send Campaign to Creative’, add your creative contacts and send

Can I send the campaign details to more than one contact at a time?

Yes. Once your campaign has been saved to the basket, go to ‘Send Campaign to Creative’, then add or select as many contacts as you wish.

Can I send to digital delivery points alongside linear radio?

Yes, this can also be done during the campaign creation stage. There is an option to add non-JET digital platforms on to the campaign, and the creative agency will be notified that copy needs to be distributed to these channels.

Do I have to resend the campaign details every time there is an amendment made to the campaign?

No. If you have already sent the campaign details to the creative agency, all future changes concerning campaign dates, client/brands, spot lengths and station/channel lists are automatically communicated to them.

Do I have to select the campaign order(s) in the basket before sending the campaign details to the creative/production company?

No. Your campaign must have been selected/saved to the basket, however it does not matter whether orders are selected. As long as at least one communication is ticked you will be able to send the campaign details on.

Do I need to do anything once the campaign is sent to the creative?

No, the process is in the hands of the creative but you can check on the copy status via the status report to keep up to date with developments.